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Welcome to ko2000!

Welcome to ko2000: Cows the planet, cows the planet!!

This is the webbsida of FredNd and AnnaW.



You will find most of Fred's stuff here
Recept (Swedish)
Fucking Jultomte
AmigaSWE goes Big Brother
Guru Meditation
Unanswered questions
Product reviews
Hacking & Tech stuff


Fred (and Anna's) Image Gallery
Commodore 8-bit (complete, uncensored) file area

Links to friends

Patrik "Ramzeus" Lindahl Web Page, Image Gallery and Resedagbok
Chucky Web Page and Image Gallery
Daniel Lill Web Page
Our friends in Norrköping (and all over the world) http://www.gudinna.com
Anders Eriksson Web Page
Andreas "Nisse" Nilsson Web Page and Image Gallery
Dennis Saarela (old ;) Web Page
Thomas Andersson Cluster of Web Pages and Blog


Scribe for FireFox 2.0
Mobile TCP
NTFS DeCompressor


/X (Amixpress) BBS Doors

Other Links

http://interfacelift.com The best background images around.
http://www.photosig.com Lots of nice and experimental photos, have fun and learn at the same time.
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