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It took some time before I realized what I had done, I had used the Windows Vista "Compress this drive to save disk space". And I did it on my system drive C:.

Argh, the system was crawling, having to decompress every file that me or the system wanted to use.

To resolve the issue I tried to uncheck the "Compress this drive to save disk space" option, and after some hours of uncompressing the system where back to normal, or so I thought.

Some time later I realized that there still where compressed files on the disk, in fact, when Windows did uncompress all the files on the disk it did not do on all files and directories. So most directories still had the Compress flag set. So all new files created in these directories where created compressed.

Ok, I tried to search around on the Web for a solution, there is actually a command line utility (that Windows probably uses when compressing and uncompressing the files) but as I suspected this utility did work exactly as Windows did earlier.

So, what to do. After some searching in the Windows SDK I made a small tool to decompress all the files/directories on a path, recursively.

Since I would think that there are more people that may be as stupid as me I've added the download to this page, so that you will not have to write your own application to do it.


NTFS DeCompressor (947 KB)


This application has been tested on Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2. It should however work on all NTFS file systems.

I do not take any responsibility for any problems that may occur when using this application, however I can not think of any problems since the application only changes a flag for each compressed file / directory. But you never know. If you feel a bit un-secure, then make sure that you have a backup (you should actually have one already).

If you like the software, have any questions, found a bug, or have a request for a feature then please send me an e-mail on:


NTFS DeCompressor Screenshot

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