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This page contains my thoughts or experiences. It is not a blog, more like a collection.

If you have the answer to a question, please write it here, or send me an e-mail.


Först en fråga på svenska.

Jag kommer ihåg en sång jag hörde för en massa år sedan (typ 1999 eller 2000). Den handlar om en jägare och en kanin, och jägaren skjuter kaninen/haren och tar tassen (för tur antar jag). Det enda av själva texten jag kan komma ihåg är "vilket hån, han hänger den i backspegeln på sin (Volvo) Amazon". Troligen en ganska dålig sång, men något som jag har haft på hjärnan och undrat över alldeles för länge.

Buffalo WHR-G300N duplicate MAC address

I bought one recently from a seller called Feppaspot on EBay, worked perfectly out of the box. A very good router indeed.

It came with DD-WRT pre-flashed by the nice seller, and no one was happier then me ;)

But this week the Internet suddenly disappeared, and when I this weekend came around to fix it I noticed that the WAN IP was I tried to do a DHCP renew or release but without any luck. I tried to connect another PC to my ADSL modem, and that worked without any issues, so what could be the error. I spent like 30 minutes trying different network cables, etc. etc.

Then I called the Bredbandsbolaget techsupport, they are always so nice. But after a couple of questions and me explaining that I can not get my router to work (quite embarrassed since I believe that I know how these things work), the tech guy (hi Anton) said. "It looks like you got an duplicate MAC address to another computer out in our network." WTF? He then asked what my router name was, and behold: The other PC was also a Buffalo WHR-G300N router. And he actually told me the address (somewhere in Stockholm i believe) of where the other router was installed. Asking if I had visited there recently with my router ;)

Ok, now I did know why I have had all these problems. But what to do...

Searching for my MAC address on the INTERNET resulted in this: DD-WRT.com : support: WHR-G300N

Look, that is my exact settings as well, the MAC address for my WAN port is also 00:1D:73:11:11:13.

This also showed up on Google: Duplicate MAC Address

So, ok. DD-WRT or more likely Feppaspot have put the same MAC address on more than one router and sent them out. Most often that should not cause any issues, but it did now. Grr.


I stole another MAC address, a local one for a router in another post somewhere and put it as a Clone MAC. Started working within 10 seconds ;)

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